Creating Servers via REST API on RDO Mitaka && Keystone API V3

As usual ssh-kepair for particular tenant is supposed to be created sourcing tenant’s credentials and afterwards it works for particular tenant. By some reasons upgrade keystone api version to v3 breaks this schema in regards of REST API POST requests issued for servers creation. I am not sure either following bellow is workaround or it is supposed to work this way.

Assign admin role user admin on project demo via openstack client

[root@ip-192-169-142-127 ~(keystone_admin)]# openstack project list| \
grep demo > list2

[root@ip-192-169-142-127 ~(keystone_admin)]#openstack user list| \
grep admin >> list2

[root@ip-192-169-142-127 ~(keystone_admin)]# openstack role list|\
grep admin >> list2

[root@ip-192-169-142-127 ~(keystone_admin)]# cat list2
| 052b16e56537467d8161266b52a43b54 | demo |
| b6f2f511caa44f4e94ce5b2a5809dc50 | admin |
| f40413a0de92494680ed8b812f2bf266 | admin |

[root@ip-192-169-142-127 ~(keystone_admin)]# openstack role add \
–project \
052b16e56537467d8161266b52a43b54 \
–user b6f2f511caa44f4e94ce5b2a5809dc50 \

Run to obtain token scoped “demo”

# . keystonerc_admin
# curl -i -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d \
‘ { “auth”:
{ “identity”:
{ “methods”: [“password”], “password”:
{ “user”:
{ “name”: “admin”, “domain”:
{ “id”: “default” }, “password”: “7049f834927e4468” }
{ “project”:
{ “name”: “demo”, “domain”:
{ “id”: “default” }
}’ ; echo

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19-47-00

Created ssh keypair “oskeydemoV3” sourcing keystonerc_admin

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19-50-02

Admin Console shows

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 20-28-57

Submit “oskeydemoV3” as value for key_name into Chrome REST Client environment && issue POST request to create the server , “key_name” will be accepted ( vs case when ssh-keypair was created by tenant demo )

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19-52-24

Now log into dashboard as demo

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19-56-25

Verify that created keypair “oskeydemoV3” allows log into server

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19-58-56


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